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Read for yourself what people have to say about the best Indian food in the Region.

FROM www.google.ca

Can't get enough. Great food. Also offer some items not on the menu if you ask. Regular customers!
Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
- 4 Dec 2010 read more>>

FROM www.tripadvisor.com

"The food here is nothing short of amazing. I had tried various Indian restaurants beforehand and they were ok. But once I ate here, I could not help but to fall in love with Indian food. The Tandoori chicken is phenomenal. The decor is rather tacky, but almost to the point of being ..." ‎
- 17 Dec 2010 read more>>

FROM www.restaurantica.com

"The food here is authentic indian, and is VERY good. The service is always prompt and friendly. It is a simple, honest, and well run business. The decor is nice, but not trendy in the slightest. We have been about a dozen times over the last few years."‎ ‎
- 16 Feb 2009 read more>>

"This was one of the better Indian restaurants out of about 6 that I've tried... The service was very good and after a brief discussion about our great meal, our server took us back to the kitchen to see the tandoori oven. Everything was clean and orderly while the other staff were preparing some things from scratch. It's in an older building in downtown and the interior is a little dated. But on further inspection the place was spotless. I look forward to eating there again ..."‎ ‎
- 9 Oct 2010

I had never had Indian food before I came here. My boyfriend and I were actually just walking downtown St. Catharines on a Sunday...Such different flavours than we're used to! I've already returned and experienced the same amazing flavours as the first time. As well as the delicious food, the servers are always very sweet and attentive....Definitely a must try if you're in the St. Catharines area! or even in the Niagara region in general!
- 21 Feb 2011 read more>>